Game of Thrones || Ned Stark Cake Pop and Dragon Eggs

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Game of Moans – Ned stark cake pops and dragon eggs rewrite recipe


½ a Red velvet cake

20 g Premade icing

White candy melts

Yellow candy melts

Pink candy melts

Red candy melts

Brown candy melts

Black food writer

Sliced almonds

Metallic luster dust

Crumble the cooled cake in a large bowl and mix in the icing. It should be slightly sticky and moldable.

For ned stark

Roll the mixture into about golf ball sized balls and chill on a plate for a couple hours. To create the skin tone mix equal parts pink, yellow, and white candy melts and microwave. Skewer each cake pop and dip in the color. Tap on the side to remove excess and then let set upright by placing it into a piece of Styrofoam.

Once set, melt the brown candy melts and place in a small plastic bag. Snip the tip and create strands of hair and beard. Let set slightly and then repeat for a textured effect. Add the blood at the bottom in the form of red candy melts and then finish off the look with a edible marker for the eyes and mouth.

For the dragon eggs

Rolls the mixture into egg like shapes and let set in the fridge. Use the almonds to create a scale-like effect on each egg. You may want to use some of the melted candy melts as your glue. Using a clean brush, paint with metallic lustre dust.


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